4 Big Things VW is Doing With Electric Vehicles

The Volkswagen firm has been heralded in the automotive industry ever since its origins in the mid-20th century. But the company has gotten a black eye lately.

Particularly in the North American market, people are pointing to big recalls and the scandal known as “deiselgate.”

They’re talking about how Volkswagen cheated on emissions. Or asking how the company can right its ship.

But to some VW executives, deiselgate is really in the background. The company is moving forward to stay relevant in a world where green energy rules.

Here are some of the things VW is doing right now.

1. Innovative Charging Models

The Volkswagen company is working on the big question of electric vehicle charging.

Consumer groups talk about range anxiety, and how people need charging stations to really feel good about owning a plug-in. Volkswagen is researching wireless charging. VW could roll out a form of wireless or inductive charging as early as this year.

2. Extending Range

Volkswagen is also working on extending range for vehicles.

That’s another way to tackle range anxiety from a different angle. Vehicles with more range tend to sell better on the North American market.

Volkswagen is looking for adding range value above 100 miles to the e-Golf. Other range improvements are also in the work to reach out to customers with plug-in longevity.

3. Classic Models

Another big Volkswagen project revolves around work that the company is doing on some of its best-loved classic designs.

Call it a microbus, a vanagon, or a VW hippie van. Whatever you call it, it’s very popular in the American market.

You often see classic gasoline models lovingly refinished and restored.

But VW is close to unveiling a new electric model.

Curiously enough, the company is waiting from approval in China. The concept has gotten a lot of attention in the US and Europe — however, top brass want to make sure appeal is global.

4. Innovative EV Models

VW is also working on models like the Phaeton. These new cars also illustrate the company’s dedication to the plug-in future. VW EV offerings are making their way to the American market.

Look out for all of these new VW moves in today’s green-centric car industry.

By Justin Stoltzfus
Updated: March 27, 2017

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