5 New Self-Driving Electric Cars

With so much research already in hand on autonomous driving, some auto makers are getting serious about self-driving EVs. Why not make the electric car drive itself? Experts have been looking at this for some time, but now the idea seems near to achieving critical mass.

Given regulatory approval and other last-minute obstacles, we could see self-driving EVs on the road fairly soon. Here are some of the new design ideas making waves in today’s market.

Tesla Models

Tesla is well ahead, with autopilot hardware already installed in its cars.

However only basic features can be switched on (at a cost) at this time. We’re still years away from seeing full level 5 autonomy. Although Tesla’s incremental approach is a good way to start.

Tesla is one company to look out for when it comes to self-driving plug-ins. The company will continue to be a front-runner in autonomous EV design.

Nissan IDS

Nissan’s answer to the self-driving plug-in goes as far back as 2015’s Tokyo Motor Show. The IDS, a concept car for the ages, is supposed to get self-driving design.

With the success of the Nissan Leaf in America, U.S. drivers are already familiar with the brand. Leaf sales have skyrocketed, and that indicates the company could have a smooth transition to auto-EVs.


A Chinese company called Nio also intends to offer its self-driving electric car stateside. The company plans to ship its autonomous plug-in by 2020.

The company maintains that the new model is “not a luxury car.” However, it does have sleek style. That, plus modern features and a self-drive model could pave the way for success in the North American market.

VW Sedric

Not to be outdone, Volkswagen is now promoting a self-driving plug-in called “Sedric.” Coming out of its “emissions-gate” scandal, VW has a reason to commit to green driving. A new autonomous EV model might be the way to do it.

Check out the style and projected build of this EV design at Ars Tecnica.

Look for more news on these ground-breaking models in years to come.

By Justin Stoltzfus
Updated: July 16, 2017

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